Our Next Seminar!

Our Next Seminar!

September 27 to 29th

Purified: A Study of Surat Maryam


It’s most read, most explained, and most loved. But the one critical message is continuously being ignored. To many, Surat Maryam is a pair of miraculous stories between parent and son, and sometimes a Da’wah talking point with Christians. There’s something deeper that impacts you directly in every part of your life today. It’s the ONE THING grossly lacking in our societies.

What is the one fundamental ingredient
to your relationship with Allah, society and your inner being?

What do you feel is missing from raising the quality of your intentions, Duas, actions and
speech, your relationships, and your ability to resist temptation?

The answer is in the meaning of “Maryam” itself.


Imagine the possibilities…

…when you become purified…

When you ask Allah with the conviction of Zakariyah

When you trust Allah with the heart of Maryam

When you advise your family with the speech of ‘Isaa

When you seek guidance for others with the wisdom of Ibrahim

When you encounter challenges with the steadfastness of Prophets & Messengers

When you prepare for the Afterlife with the certainty of sight

When you handle the question of “Jesus” with eloquence of Quran

When Quran plays out LIVE in every day of your life…